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 Workshops for Small Business 



Do you want to live out your creative dreams? Not sure where to start?

The goal of Bright Lights Collective is to inspire YOU to LIVE out your creative dreams. We want to empower + connect creative entrepreneurs through in person workshops, networking events, and virtual coaching. We want YOU to GROW beyond where you currently are and be empowered to take your creative dreams to the next level.

You ready to go to the next level? YUP! Alright let's GO!

Join us on Thursday September 12th, 6:00pm-9:00pm for our very first session on Creating a Brand at Steel City Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Using our knowledge, personal experience, and quirky sense of humour we will enable you to....

1. Discover how your PRODUCT solves a problem

2. Tell your STORY

3. Target your ideal CUSTOMERS

4. Find your best PLATFORM

For more information or questions please email the girls at

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