Good questions that we have been asked a billion times that need to be recorded for future reference!


How do I measure my child's head for a bonnet?

See our Sizing Guide for more help on how to find the perfect fit. It's SUPER easy!

How do I care for my bonnet?

See our section on Bonnet Care to answer all of your questions. Basically, just use a garment bag or hand wash, and don't put it in the dryer!

Do you offer local pickup for customers?

YURP! Please select the option for local pickup at checkout and arrangements will be made so your order can be picked up instead of mailed. Watch for the email with the instructions and address, might want to check your junk/spam folder in case it slides into there.

Can I buy a winter/fleece hat without a pom pom?

We have decided for the sake of simplicity to sell all of our fleece lined (winter) hats with a pom pom. If you don't want a pom pom on your hat feel free to snip it off when it arrives to you (but, I strongly feel that you will regret that).

How do I remove the cute pom pom?

If your pom is looking rough or you're not feeling the look anymore simply take a pair of scissors and snip directly below the pom pom between it and the hat - you should be able to release the stitch and pull the threads out successfully.

What is with the nubs and flecks in the fabric?

You will notice that some areas of the fabric have naturally occurring nubs or flecks; where there is a raised bump or extra colour woven into the fabric. Some of these natural imperfections are categorized as flaws when in fact they are totally normal! These occur during the weaving process of the linen and are harmless to the integrity of the fabric.

Will my hat arrive in the colour that I see on my phone/computer monitor?

Very good question! Please keep in mind that each phone and computer's brightness and colours vary and it's possible that the colour that you are seeing in the product listing may differ from what you actually receive. Also, a preset or enhancement of some sort has been applied to the photo but we do our best to present the fabrics as they actually are in real life. When in doubt you can visit our Instagram where we have a story highlight of the fabrics in natural light to view.

I resell my Pali Handmade hat?

Go for it! People love a good deal and your hat will still have lots of years left in it. Or, tuck it away and save it for a future niece/nephew! A lot of customers save their hat in a memory box as a heirloom piece for grand babies. 

What makes your hats so wonderful?

Thank you for asking this! Here are a few reasons why customers love our hats:

  • Each hat is totally handmade, from the strings to the pom poms
  • All fabrics are washed and preshrunk. This means that the chemicals applied to the fabric by manufacturers during the production process have been removed using a fragrance-free baby soap and dried on high heat
  • The fit is awesome! I continue to modify and tweak my patterns (yes, I drafted them myself!) as necessary to give a really great fit that is both comfortable and functional
  • They're fully reversible! This means that the hat can be worn inside out, unless it has a pom pom in which that is not possible, haha. But otherwise you're good to go!