How do I measure my child's head for a bonnet?

See our Sizing Guide for more help on how to find the perfect fit.

How do I care for my bonnet?

See our section on Bonnet Care to answer all of your questions.

Are you located in store?

Yes! Please see our list of retailers that is updated regularly.

What upcoming markets will you be attending?

Here is a list of where you can find Pali Handmade popping up.

What kind of clip do you use?

There are two options that are both lead-free:
1. Alligator clips with teeth
2. Alligator clips without teeth.


Can my bow be worn on the other side of the head?

Absolutely. Remove the clip from behind the bow and re-insert it the opposite way.


My baby no longer wears her headband but I still like the bow. What can I do?

Your bow is transferable - snip the headband in half and remove it from the bow. Insert an alligator clip in its place and enjoy.


Do you offer local pickup for customers?

Yes, please select local pickup at checkout and arrangements will be made so your order can be picked up instead of mailed.


What does clip orientation mean?

In the listing drop down you will notice that if your item is specified to arrive on a hair clip, that you may choose which direction your clip will be oriented. This option is based on the child's perspective, left side means on the left side of the child's head and right side means on the right side of the child's head. If you select both, if applicable, you will receive one clip in each direction.


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