Bonnet Care

Your bonnet was made to be loved and to last! Here is how to take care of it:

Fresh Out Of The Box

You may find that your bonnet has arrived with some wrinkling or fold lines especially down the centre of the hat and brim. Lightly spray the area with water and steam out the wrinkles with a warm iron.

Cotton & Linen Bonnets

Bonnet fabrics have been washed and pre shrunk on hot using an unscented baby soap before production.
You may choose to hand wash your hat in cold water and hang to air dry, this is our recommended washing method.
The more you wash your hat, the softer it becomes!
Your bonnet can get wet at the pool, beach, and in the rain.

Linen Pompom Bonnets

Not washing machine friendly. Here's a trick: Take a small sock and wrap it around the pompom to protect it, and wash the hat by hand while keeping the pom pom dry. Hang to dry and shape with your hands as it dries. You may lightly press wrinkled areas with a warm iron.

Wool Pompom Bonnets

Spot clean only. Do not hand or machine wash bonnet or pom pom.