How To Save 10% Off Your First Order!

I've always loved a good deal.

I'll be the first to admit that when I make a purchase I LOVE using a discount code offered from that shop. It makes me feel encouraged to spend and support their brand, and that I know that I'm getting a deal even though I am already prepared to hit 'checkout'!

It only made sense for us to be that shop that treats you like a bestie would. Here at PH we offer 10% to customers who subscribe to our newsletter.
You may be thinking, "girl, if I have to have ONE MORE newsletter slide into my inbox from another shop I am going to SCREAM" - but hold the bus for a hot minute. We promise to only send you good stuff, like GOOD stuff.
We aren't the type of brand that shamelessly emails you twice a day (you know who you are). We want to tell you about when our Wool Bonnet Collection releases, or that we have a BIG SALE coming, or that we are putting out a casting call for babes who can model our products! How does that sound? Not bad, amiright?

So, join our growing PH tribe and sign up for our newsletter, and your discount code will be on its way!

Now tell me, do you prefer a discount code or free shipping, and why?

Bonnie xo

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