Let's Talk About The B Word

Let's Talk About The B Word

Welcome to Pali Handmade, we're so glad that you're here.

You landed on our page for a reason. Why is that? Are you looking for a safe alternative to other hats that block the sun for a child? Maybe you're looking for a warmer option like our wool collection for cold months. Or, you're looking at our products to purchase for a dear friend or loved one. Either way, we can help you better understand bonnets and sun hats which will enable you to make an educated purchase.

Let's talk about the B word. Bonnet. What is a bonnet? Why are they so awesome?

A bonnet is a type of hat, it has longer sides to protect the ears (from either the sun, wind or for warmth) and covers the back of the head. A bonnet can come with a brim which is a curved peak stitched onto the front of the hat to provide coverage of the face from the sun. The bonnet stays on by being tied with long strings under the chin or at the side of the neck close to the ear.

Checklist of reasons why you'll be glad you own a Pali bonnet:

- bonnets do not slide down over a child's eyes when seated in the stroller or car seat
- ideal for baby wearing
- fit compactly in a diaper bag
- the more it's worn and loved and washed, the softer it gets
- fully reversible, it can be worn inside out (linen options)
- brim can be tucked under or flipped back on days that aren't so sunny
- most colours are gender neutral and can be passed onto future siblings

We encourage you to browse our products and be sure to measure the child's head before ordering. Our Size Guide details the head circumference in proportion to a child's age (as an approximation) and when in doubt, always order the next size up as their head will only get larger.

And as always, be sure to reach out for any questions.


Bonnie xo

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